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2013: My China Year

2013 was without a doubt my China year. Unlike other travel bloggers I haven’t stayed there for several months or even a year, but China has definitely stolen my heart. I have been to China once before, in July and August 2010, when travelling through Yunnan and Tibet. At that time already I absolutely loved it  and have always planned to go back to see more of the Middle Kingdom. But I have never expected that it would blow me away that much and that I would travel there twice in eight months. At any one time I have stayed there for three and a half respectively four weeks and have spent a few additional days in Dubai, Hongkong and Thailand. Read more


Merry Christmas

As much as I love travelling, especially in Asia, I always make sure that I am home for Christmas. In the past three years I got back home at least two weeks before Christmas or left Germany in early January to be able to absorb a bit of the christmassy spirit which fills the cities and places in my home country in the weeks before the feast. Read more

Souksaan wankeud – Happy birthday, King Bhumibol


Souksaan wankeud – Happy birthday, King Bhumibol.

The thai Monarch is turning 86 today. He was born on the 5th December 1927 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA where his father Mahidol Adulyadej studied medicine in Harvard at that time. His father died in September 1929. Four years later Bhumibol Adulyadej moved to Switzerland with his mother, his older brother and his older sister, where he went to School and University. On the 9th June 1946 he became the King of Thailand after his older brother King Ananda Mahidol died under mysterious circumstances on that day. Currently Bhumibol is the Head of State in the World with the longest term of office, he is reigning even longer than Queen Elizabeth II. Bhumibol Adulyadej was officially crowned king on the 5th May 1950. His wife Sirikit,who he has married two years before, was named to be Queen the same day. Read more

Bangkok, Thailand


Where: Menam Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand at dawn

When: 13th May 2013

This shot was taken out of my Riverside hotel room at about 5 AM. I absolutely love this view. Between 2008 and 2013 I have taken 64 photos of it. Read more

A trip to the Middle Kingdom

China has been on my travel bucket list for several years. For May 2010 I had originally  booked a trip called “Essential China” which would have led me to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Leshan, on a Yangtze River Cruise, to Yangshuo and to Hongkong but due to some unfortunate reason I had to cancel my trip two months before leaving home. A few months later I did a tour through Yunnan and Tibet instead which was absolutely amazing and one the best trips if not even the best trip I have done so far. Everything great came together. We were a small group of only seven members. My six travelmates came from the Netherlands, Norway and from Canada and were fantastic and Mill, our tour guide from the US, was outstanding. The same goes to our local tibetan guide Jigme who guided us through Tibet and gave us a great impact into his region. The places and sights we have visited were absolutely stunning. After finishing the tour in Kathmandu, Nepal I knew that I want to go back to see more of China. Read more

Looking forward to a new adventure

Nine days from now I am off on a new adventure. I’ll be heading to Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Java and Bali for six weeks.

I have been to Dubai four times already on my way to or from Asia, but all I know so far is the direct transit area of the International Airport. So I decided, it’s time to finally see the city and a bit more of the United Arab Emirates. Four and half years ago my boyfriend and I spent two days and one night in Abu Dhabi on our way to Thailand. This time I’ll be there for three days and two nights and I hope, this is enough to get a first impression. Read more